A key that can open all the doors?

A key that can open all the doors?

That new technologies are assuming an unstoppable advance our way of life is undeniable. And that influence extends all areas of social activity is another undeniable reality. In most cases these changes involve a considerable improvement in the quality of life of the star. But unfortunately, these developments could have sometimes a dark side.

In this dilemma is the sector ironworkers on some new technologies. Or the dangers to the safety of people can assume their uncontrolled expansion. In the background, especially internet and is giving the possibility to generalize knowledge, which is not always convenient to be outside professional circles.

Superprofesionales for locksmiths is concern the appearance software that is advertised as an effective and simple to create a master key that can open any lock. This new program, not yet available, has been created by engineers Jos Weyers and Christian Holler.

We are aware of all developments and news appearing in the field of enclosures, whatever the nature thereof. Fortunately, we have expert locksmiths analyzing any changes from the perspective of customer interest. Thus, we can provide our advice on any doubt that we will see.

Making a key with a 3D printer

In the case of Photobump program, which is within the reach of any person is the ability to print a wrench, in three dimensions, able to open any lock. This generalization uncontrolled is what worries consulted locksmiths. Because the technique in which this software is based is not new.

In fact, bumping keys are one of the systems commonly used by locksmiths to solve cases where the customer has lost his key or a landlord claims the services to open a door for any other reason. The novelty of the contribution of Holler and Weyers is putting this mechanism available to anyone.

Operation is simple. Simply take a picture of the lock we want to open. The program deals with key design from that picture and print it on a 3D machine. Do not have one of these printers is no problem. In that case, the picture would take an establishment that has one of these devices and are responsible key.

Either Valencia locksmiths can explain how this program works. What is done is to design a key with a teeth of a slightly smaller size. Thus, the key makes contact with the inner pistons. A little skill at manipulating the key into the lock will be enough for the door to open.

We insist that the problem of this new technique is that it offers anyone the chance to double a master key. This is not a problem for Valencia locksmiths. There are multiple news published daily warning of the risks of such sensitive issues as making a bomb or other criminal activities are freely circulating on the Internet.

If in doubt, our responsibility as professionals is to advise clients, always with the aim of ensuring their interests. Only this work philosophy explains the success of a company like Superprofesionales over the past 20 years without interruption. You can be sure locksmiths who will see you from our website are responsible and rigorous when plantearte the best solution to your needs.

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